Train the Trainer

Education is the great engine of personal development – Nelson Mandela

What is a Train the Trainer Course

Train the Trainer courses are specific sessions which enables your staff to become in-house trainers in a chosen subject. This allows you to train the rest of your staff without ensuring added costs. CQC expect all care homes and care & nursing agencies to have in-house trainers.

The main difference between a regular course and a Train the Trainer course is the added information of how to teach, making this a higher level session. Senior carers or people involved in management normally take on these roles, however we open our courses to everyone. Our courses also provide a more in-depth view of the topic, enabling the person to understand a holistic view.

Train the Trainers, once qualified, can carried out added processes such as audits, staff observations, follow up assessments after teaching and become the care home’s champion. During an inspection, CQC will often ask who is the Infection Control, Safeguarding, Mental Capacity & DoLS champion for the home. Having one in place sets a great president for the rest of the inspection.

Train the Trainer Courses

Course Title
Mental Capacity & DoLS
Infection Control
Safeguarding Adults
Pressure Sore Management & Prevention
Medication Management
Falls Prevention
Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
Dignity & Person Centred Care

Training Details

The training course is for a full day from 09:30 – 16:30 and is limited to a maximum of two people per session. This allows us to focus on each individual’s abilities, knowledge base and teaching skills. As with all our training, we will come to you unless you would like the training delivered off-site. A feedback template is provided for your staff to give honest and constructive feedback to our new in-house trainer. This will be crucial in devolving them as a champion. All our courses are charged at £399 for the day, not for the amount of people attending.

Refresher Courses

We also provide annual refresher sessions for all the above courses. These will provide updated knowledge, skills to allow your staff to remain on top of compliance. We also review how the in-house training has been delivered, the feedback your champions have had and how to improve their skills even further. All our refresher courses are charged at £399 for the day, not for the amount of people attending.

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