Inspection Readiness Package

What we do:

We provide a multi day inspection with one of our consultants undertaking an in-depth but non-disruptive audit covering the following aspects of the care home:

  • Medication management including storage, administration and policies
  • Review of the care homes quality assurance systems
  • A clinical check on wound management and nursing needs
  • Kitchen inspection
  • Interviewing staff and speaking to professionals, families and residents for feedback about the service provided (if available on the days of inspection).
  • Review care planning and risk assessments tools, quality and accuracy
  • HR file, recruitment and staffing training document review
  • Review of the care home’s policies & procedures
  • Staff observations

The inspection includes reviewing 20% of the home’s care plans and 20% of HR files. During this inspection, health & safety will not be reviewed. A more intensive and full inspection of medication or care plans can be found in the Medication Inspection package and the Care Plan Review package.

A report will be created, including action points and recommendations for improvements. It is care homes’s decision whether or not to undertake the recommendations. The Leicestershire Training Team doesn’t undertake the corrective work but is able to support with the improvements through the Pay Per Hour package or the Ongoing Support package.

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