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Leicestershire Training Team

How can I book training?

You can book in a variety of ways, what ever is easiest for you. If can book a training course via telephone, text or by email. You will receive confirmation of the booking via email.

How do I get in contact if I have a question or if I need to cancel a booking?

You can give us a call, email us or even text your question. To cancel or change a training date, this can also be done via telephone, email or text. We like to make things as simple and easy as possible.

How much notice do I need to give prior to cancelling a session?

You must let us know 48hrs prior to cancelling or changing the date of your booking. If you cancel or alter the date within 48hrs of your training or consultancy session you will be charged for the full amount.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

You will need to pay a 20% deposit to secure your booking. This will be discounted from your final payment after the training or support session. Due to our Change the Date scheme, You can change the training date once without any extra cost or losing your deposit; only if it is before the 48hr cut-off point. We appreciate rotas are difficult. This flexibility gives you breathing room without the expense.

How and when do I pay?

When you book your training course, you will be asked for a deposit. An invoice will be sent to you via email. Your certificates for attending the training course will be sent to you once the full payment for the course(s) has been paid. You can pay the full amount upfront or, if you wish, you can pay after the training session.

For consultancy support, you are required to pay the full amount upfront prior to any consultancy support. We have provided free of charge or minimal cost quotations to help you make the right decision for you.

What if I don’t have a training room or training equipment?

We appreciate that not all sites have facilities for training. The Leicestershire Training Team provide all the equipment for each training course. The trainer will require a plug socket, no internet is required. If you don’t have a training room, the trainer will be more than happy to use a suitable space such as an empty room including dining areas or staff rooms.

Can I have a specific training?

We often supply companies with bespoke training courses such as eye drop administration, stoma care and PEG care. Please just send over an email or ask your trainer about any training you need. Often a trainer can incorporate these trainings into other courses. If this is not possible, a bespoke training course can be setup to meet your organisations need.

Refund Policy

The Leicestershire Training Team is dedicated to ensuring all their training and consultancy work is accurate, informative, useful and engaging. If you don’t feel this has been the case, you can contact us regarding a refund via email.

Terms and Conditions

All our products and sessions come with terms and conditions. These are not contracts to bind you into ongoing payments. Our terms and conditions will need to be read and agreed upon prior to the commencement of any services.

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