About Us

Leicestershire Training Team

The Leicestershire Training Team provide healthcare training and business consultancy to the healthcare industry. We cover a whole range of sub-industries, from nursing and residential homes to both domiciliary and nursing & care agencies. We have built our business around your needs to be able to fully support you need us.

Our Aim

Through our years of experience in nursing, troubleshooting and managing care homes, we understand how important affordable, relevant and enjoyable training and consultancy support is. The Leicestershire Training Team is a brand new company, designed to fill the gap between the free government led initiatives and the expensive private companies.

Our aim is to add value to you or your company, by providing affordable, onsite and interactive training and consultancy support, which is both relevant and enjoyable.

Our Goals

We understand what directors, managers and employees need and we know that often this is not satisfied. We endeavour to change the training and consultancy landscape and conduct training and support which actively adds value.

To achieve this we:

– Actively minimise costs by maintaining fair prices and packages.

– Deliver training and consultancy support which is relevant, in a clear, fun and interactive manner.

– Provide face to face, onsite training to provide as many people as possible, the opportunity to attend the courses and support.

Our Values

The company holds three values very closely. These are affordability, enjoyment and relevance. We believe that these three values can meet the needs of our stakeholders and the company directors, employees and home managers we support.

Leicestershire Training Team

Often training comes at an unjustifiable premium which negatively impacts the healthcare sector. It’s not uncommon for important training to be withheld due to the cost. This is where the Leicestershire Training Team comes in. With flexible and affordable training and support, we’ve levelled the playing field to allow everyone the essential knowledge and skills to undertake safe, effective care and become CQC compliant.

Leicestershire Training Team

Over the years we know that employees do not always enjoy the training sessions they attend. This is often due to online training and dry delivers of material. All our courses are interactive, actively engaging people in learning the material. This not only increases the amount of information retained but also increases attendance. Both of these important factors help keep your company compliant and your employees happy.

Leicestershire Training Team

We have attended more training sessions then we can remember. Making them relevant is one of the most critical factors, but yet time and time again it is forgotten. This is where the Leicestershire Training Team comes in. We only provide training which is relevant. By using real life examples and interactive learning, we make the training and consultancy tailored to peoples needs. There is nothing better than walking away from a session feeling empowered to act effectively and safely. Relevant knowledge is key to effective and efficient action.

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